A Note from Pastor Matthew

A local pastor shared these words to his Facebook page from a pastor he knows, and they were words that made me think, they were words that made me ponder and do some     self-reflecting. So I thought I would share them with you…
 “Every church member has it in them to either compliment or complicate the work of their church. One way you can rest assured to compliment it is to be committed to it.”
Wow! That makes you think doesn’t it. What type of member are you currently? You see we can go back and forth, so what type of member are you right now? Are you a “help” or a “hindrance”? Are you a “stepping stone” or a “stumbling block”? Are you a “complimenting” or a “complicating” member?
The pastor went on to say that one way you can be a “complimenting” member is to be a committed member, I couldn’t agree more! Let us all be committed to Jesus, committed to HBC, and committed to one another!
For more suggestions on how to be a “complimenting” member, I would suggest reading and applying what you learn in the book “I am a Church Member” and “I Will”. If you don’t have a copy of either book let me know and I can get you one!
God bless,
Pastor Matthew

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